TYTUŁ  (Motywy Muzyczne z Filmów)


"The Shining"

128kbs - 2,9MB
"Hellraiser" 128kbs - 2,3MB
Dawn of the dead(rare Industrial theme!!) 128kbs - 1,8MB
"Hellraiser III: Hellbound Heart" 128kbs - 4,6MB
"Evildead" 128kbs - 2,4MB
From Dusk Till Dawn (after dark) chwilowo brak
From Dusk Till Dawn (dark night) chwilowo brak
"Blair Witch" 128kbs - 2,2MB
"Candyman" 128kbs - 0,9MB
"Candyman 2" 128kbs - 1,8MB
Murderdolls - Dawn Of The Dead 128kbs - 5,1MB
"American Wolf in Paris" 128kbs - 4,1MB
"Alien" 128kbs - 4,2MB
"Jaws" 128kbs - 2,2MB
"Scream" 128kbs - 3,0MB
"Nightmare On Elm Street" 128kbs - 3,2MB
"Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy Revenge" 128kbs - 1,6MB
"Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors" 128kbs - 2,1MB
"Nightmare On Elm Street 5: Dream Child" 128kbs - 2,5MB
"Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare" 128kbs - 2,0MB
"Resident Evil" 192kbs - 2,9MB
"Halloween" 128kbs - 2,7MB
"Halloween 2" 128kbs - 4,1MB
"Halloween Resurection Soundrack (Explore House)" xxxkbs - 3,9MB
"Halloween Resurection Soundtrack (Michael Begins Terror)" xxxkbs - 2,1MB
"Vampires" 128kbs - 5,1MB
"Friday The 13th" 128kbs - 1,6MB
"Tales From the Crypt" 128kbs - 1,3MB
"I Know What You Did Last Summer" 128kbs - 2,5MB
Soundtrack: Nightmare On Elm Street - The Best Of DANE - ROZMIAR
"Loudness - Never Again" 128kbs - 4,7MB
"Goo Goo Dolls - I'm Awake Now" 128kbs - 3,2MB
"Iggy Pop - Why Was I Born" 128kbs - 4,5MB
"Dramarama - Anything, Anything 128kbs - 3,0MB
"Dokken - Dream Warriors" 128kbs - 4,3MB
"Dokken - In To The Fire" 128kbs - 4,0MB

"Fat Boys - Are You Ready For Freddy"

128kbs - 3,2MB

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